About Our Fan Apps

Spontly's Fan Apps are team-specific community apps based on the Spontly social platform. We give sports fans a place to meet those who share their passion, and delivery them the latest news, fixtures, results and forums.

Being a fan of a team is tribal. Tribal behaviour is deeply ingrained within the us and plays a powerful role in community cohesion. Each community has its own app and website branded with team colours giving fans a sense of belonging and ownership.

[Teams] represent the social human animal’s need for tribal affiliation and cohesion, a belonging which is vital to nothing less motivating than survival itself.
"The Tribal Roots of Team Spirit", Psychology Today
Sports fans have their own warriors, tribal uniforms, battle grounds, flags, chants, warpaint and emblems.


Your Spontly Fan App is a one stop shop for all the up-to-date information and fan opinion regarding your club.

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We have all the upcoming games for your team, each with their own live timeline where everyone can post and share the experience. Past results too.


Stay up-to-date with the latest news for your team from all over the place.


Hang out and chat with the people who share the passion for your team.